BC holds Industrial Automation Day

Blake Burton, Editor

Bakersfield College held Industrial Automation Day 2023 on April 14.

At the fair there were tons of students and teachers who observed available opportunities in the field in Bakersfield and at Bakersfield College.

BC’s robot dog entertains attendees in front of BC’s new STEM building at Industrial Automation Day on April 14. (Blake Burton)

The main goal of the event was to spread awareness of the bachelor’s degree program at BC in Industrial Technology. At this event they shared some of their learning outcomes if you went through the program such as you would have proficiency in technical skills, demonstrate problem solving skills, and even gain knowledge and earn the same degree as a four-year university.

The Rip interviewed several people in attendance. Colton Kerley stated that he was out at Industrial Day to help show high school students the world of industrial automation and educated the students about the bachelor program at Bakersfield College and how efficient it is to take it at Bakersfield College.

Representatives from Califia Farms, which is an oat and almond based milk product company, were there and stated that they were there to make themselves known to students and also said they have internships available.

people standing around a table inside building
Students sign up for internships at Califia Farm’s booth during Industrial Automation Day on April 14. (Blake Burton)

Another company that was there was Tasteful Selections. This is a potato production company located in Arvin looking to get students into their company by accepting internships and they will employ BC students. If you like computer software, robotics, and control systems this is the program for you.