Students address goals and dreams beyond BC

Marcus Castro, Reporter

As graduation approaches this year at Bakersfield College, students plan for their future.

A big question for students who are planning on graduating is what is next for them.

Alondra Lule, an 18-year-old English major at BC, plans on graduating in 2016. She then plans on transferring to University of California, Los Angeles or University of California, Santa Cruz to continue to go further in her major.

“I want to take more opportunities to study abroad and possibly get internships… I want to teach English as a second language,” said Lule.

Roberto Garcia, a 21-year-old history major at BC, is also planning on graduating from BC in 2016. After graduation, he is looking to transfer to California State University, Bakersfield to continue pursuing a degree in history.

“My plan as of now is to teach at a high school and then move up to teaching at a college level. Then I hopefully will get my Ph. D.,” said Garcia. He hopes to start his career in teaching in Bakersfield then to later get a teaching job outside of Bakersfield.

“I’m looking to be teaching at a high school level, but if I can go further then maybe an analyst,” said Thomas Whitaker, a 21-year-old history major at BC.

After graduation, Whitaker plans to transfer to San Diego State University where he first plans to get a Bachelor’s in history.

Gaby Cruz, a 20-year-old child development major at BC, plans to graduate then immediately begin looking for a job.

“I want to be a preschool teacher… I’m thinking of going abroad, but I’m not sure where,” said Cruz.

Many people that were asked if they planned on graduating were not planning on graduating from BC. They planned on transferring to a university before graduating from BC.

Diana Lopez, an 18-year-old linguistics major at BC, plans on transferring to CSULA. She said that they offer a program called TESOL that she is interested in. When she completes her college career she plans to move on and be an interpreter abroad.