Campus rapist sentenced to life in prison without parole

Paige Atkison, Editor-in-Chief

Convicted rapist Brandon Robinson, 21, was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, along with an additional 19 years and eight months on Sept. 26.

Robinson was convicted of all 15 felony charges against him on Aug. 14. The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney John Allen.

During the hearing, Robinson’s attorney, Ron Carter, requested that it be taken into account that Robinson has no prior convictions and has “mental health issues.”

Paige Atkison
Rapist Brandon Robinson reacts to sentence of life in prison with no possibility of parole, along with nearly 20 additional years.

Despite the defense’s claims of mental health issues, Robinson was found fit to stand trial.

After the defense addressed the judge, Robinson’s third victim, known as Jane Doe 3, addressed her attacker and the judge.

With her mother beside her, the victim read a prepared statement to the courtroom.

She began by describing her immediate reaction to the attack as Robinson averted his eyes.

“I went on auto-pilot,” she said. “I was shaking, ashamed, and embarrassed.”

She was then escorted into a police vehicle as a crowd of fellow students watched.

“I just wanted to call my mom,” she said. “That’s all I wanted. I just wanted my mom.”

She described the shock she experienced as she recounted her story for investigators and medical professionals.

When she returned home on the night of the assault, she took a long shower and slept on the couch in her living room alongside her family members- something she hadn’t done since she was a child.

She said she developed a fear of the dark and began to double-check that doors were locked.

“I hated being alone,” she added.

The physical pain she experienced lingered past the attack. Her neck began to swell and she sought medical attention for a possible fracture.

“I lost possession of my body,” she said.

Since the attack, Doe hasn’t returned to BC, where the assault happened.

“BC became a place of terror,” she said.

She concluded her statement with a plea for the judge to give Robinson a lengthy sentence.

“Once he goes away, I’ll be able to live,” she said.

Before the final sentencing, Judge John  Oglesby explained his reasoning for the upcoming verdict.

Among the reasons for Robinson’s heavy sentence was that he was a danger to society, that his attacks showed “planning and sophistication,” and that Robinson showed no remorse and takes no responsibility for his actions.

Robinson began to shake his head and wipe away tears as the judge sentenced him to life in prison and nearly 20 additional years.