BC breaks ground to present new ABC Building


Taylor Jensen

1. Director of Student Life Nicky Damania, speaks to a crowd of listeners at the Campus Center Groundbreaking event on Jan. 16.

Taylor Jenson, Editor-in-Chief

Construction and demolition have been heard all throughout the campus as Bakersfield College readies for the new and improved Campus Center. BC held the Campus Center Groundbreaking event on the CSS lawn to inform the public of the motives and details of the Campus Center on Jan. 16.

Nicky Damania began the event by quoting BC President Sonya Christian as she could not attend and then speakers followed to present their speeches to a crowd of about 50 people.

“Bakersfield College is rejuvenating its spirit because of the opportunity and impact Measure J and our community has provided our campus culture,” Nicky Damania quoted Sonya Christian.

Construction will begin for the Campus Center in May 2019 and it will officially be completed at the end of 2020. Students can expect a new 67,00 square feet, three-story Campus Center with many new facilities.

Former BCSGA President, Alexander Dominguez spoke after Damania.

Taylor Jenson
The scene of a demolished Campus Center. Students can expect a new 67,000 square feet, three-story Campus Center with many new facilities.

“This new Campus Center will demonstrate two things. One is that our local tax payer’s funds are being used responsibly for the benefit of all our students here on campus and two, that BC is committed to the success of our students,” Dominguez said. “This new building is not only a step towards transforming the BC campus to fit the 21stcentury, but it is also a step towards ensuring economic development here in Kern County.”

With the populous area being deconstructed and fenced off, Baker shared advice on how students can be aware of their surroundings during this time.

“Keep an eye out for construction trucks entering and exiting the campus near the Public Safety offices,” Baker said. “Walking and looking at cell phones can be a safety hazard without the active construction, so we ask that students watch where they are walking and adhere to all signage posted regarding construction.”

Damania introduced the final speaker of the event, BCSGA President Ashley Harp who drew a cheery atmosphere.

“The modernized spaces for student government, new food court, and courtyard will encourage a campus sense of community and interaction among students and faculty,” Harp said. This building will be a place of comfort where students will feel a sense of inclusion and belonging which is what Bakersfield College is all about.”

BC Presidents of the past and present, Student Life, and others group up for a picture at the end of the Campus Center Groundbreaking event.

Damania ended the event by giving recognition to BC’s past. He listed memorabilia from a 1954-1955 time capsule that was placed in the walls of the Administration building by former Renegades.