Bakersfield College’s main campus suffers vandalism

Taylor Jensen, Editor-in-Chief

The Director of Student Life, Nicky Damania reported Friday that since Sunday evening “various inappropriate stickers have been placed strategically on our [Bakersfield College main] campus. The other night our food services truck was vandalized with inappropriate drawings.”

Damania says that there has been a defacement of banners, posters, and fliers.

Extra Public Safety patrols have been put in place as a result of the vandalism. BC is also raising awareness to the community and are having “continuous conversations with staff, faculty, and the student government on ways to educate and maintain preventive measures,” Damania said.

Photo courtesy of BC History professor Oliver Rosales
A “Smash Cultural Marxism” sticker placed on a banner at the Bakersfield College main campus.

“We always have to have a balance between an open and welcome campus and one where everything is locked and controlled,” Damania said. “The former promotes a healthy and vibrant community, but unfortunately even one individual can act out of the norm, causing others to incur added costs, etc.”

BC adjunct History professor, Octavio Barajas spoke about the stickers being placed around campus.

Barajas described the stickers as the same size as a name-tag. Some read: “Smash Cultural Marxism.”

“The group Hundred-handers is credited on the actual sticker. It contains their email, a website, and twitter account,” Barajas said.

It has been learned that “Hundred-handers” is a White supremacist organization and are most active at the beginning of each month.

Over time, the stickers are being removed by students and Public Safety.

Photo courtesy of Oliver Rosales.
A “Smash Cultural Marxism” placed on a Bakersfield College flyer.