Students explore options at Transfer Day

Jason Mena, Reporter

Lots of students and college representatives walking around ballroom on Bakersfield College campus on Sept. 12 for transfer day
Students walk around College Center ballroom during 2022 Transfer Day on Sept. 12. (Jason Mena)

A crowd of BC  students gathered for the Transfer Day college fair, held in the College Center ballroom on Sept. 12. Representatives from UC, CSU, and other nonprofit, private institutions dedicated to the student experience, helped guide those who were interested through the admission and application process while also providing key information on FAFSA and the Co-op program. Co-op prepares students for their field of study by balancing school curriculum with hands-on experience, prior to graduation. A BC booth was also present and provided pamphlets with information about  college and university representatives pertaining to admissions, cost, programs, etc.

Many staff members and students expressed their excitement at meeting in-person once again, as last year’s event was hosted online. It produced a personal environment for students to ask many questions, and hosts said that they were grateful to provide information that could help lead students down their higher educational paths.

Booth hosts came prepared for any questions thrown their way, ready to test their mettle against the upcoming storm of new transfers. “ Pacific has a $40,000 scholarship for those entering their first year with a gpa of 3.7 or higher,” said Matthias Lopez, Host of the University of The Pacific booth when asked about the schools financial opportunities. He added, “Including FASFA and other financial aids available, the $60,000 average graduation cost is minuscule compared to other institutions.”

California institutions were not the only ones present at the event, with universities such as Arizona State University (ASU) and Drexel University making an appearance as well. When asked the question, “What do you say to  convince students who are nervous to leave their home state to join your school?” an ASU Representative replied,” That’s a Good Question. We have a big community waiting in Phoenix to welcome any out-of-state students and encourage them to feel at home, and if you still don’t feel comfortable leaving the state, we also have a campus in LA.”

Representatives made sure to leave students with their questions answered, school pamphlets containing the steps to apply, and school merchandise to remember them by.