Second Peace Garden opens on BC’s main campus


Anthony Vasquez

Ribbon is cut by Naina Patel (center) of the Patel Foundation to officially open second Peace Garden at BC on Oct. 3.

Anthony Vasquez, Editor-in-chief

A place to read, reflect, and recharge was brought to BC with the opening of the new peace garden Monday, Oct. 3. The new peace garden was presented to the BC community through a ribbon cutting ceremony as President of BC Dr. Zav Dadabhoy, Behavioral Sciences Department Chair Krista Moreland, KCCD Student Trustee and BCSGA president Shehrazad “Raz” Barraj, and several other officials were there to speak at the ceremony.

“This garden is a symbol of inspiration that Gandhi left for everyone, emulating the examples he set for everyone,” Dadabhoy said. He further elaborated that the garden’s initial inspiration came from the impacts of what the historical figure Gandhi had left regarding world peace.

The garden’s aim of representing peace can be found through the six poles that spreaded around parts of the garden. They each show a series of engravings, in a total of 21 languages, that were designed by Professor Klint Rigby chair of the Industrial Technology department at BC, and students. They all translate as,  “May peace prevail on earth.” The poles were paid for by several rotary clubs throughout the community.

“Many of my fellow renegades have found refuge at the peace garden found in the library. This garden will be another place to reflect and recharge,” Barraj stated. She also explained that these projects were also needed to show values and opportunities that students have the potential to bring through their education.

a woman with back to camera off to left side looks at BC Peace Garden
The new Peace Garden opened at Bakersfield College’s Panorama Campus on Oct. 3. (Anthony Vasquez)

The garden could be considered as an area where students can sit down and take a break from their courses, away from the other areas throughout campus that may already be crowded. Especially since it is a nice alternative to an indoor environment, as it is at an open space in a natural environment.