Love life boring because of COVID? Try Zoom dating


Thalia Pimentel

Thalia Pimentel, Reporter

Zoom has been part of our everyday or weekly routine for college students. Some students call it “Zoom University” as an inside joke.
Since the pandemic hit, dating life took a huge turn. It is not as easy to meet up with someone for a date anymore because you don’t know this person. Are they clean? Do they have the coronavirus? Do they agree that wearing masks is important out in public? It is frustrating how it’s unfortunate that you don’t know these things ahead of time. Or maybe that is just my paranoia self-overthinking as usual?
Today people meet through social media, and if things are looking good hopefully a conversation comes up of you guys linking or going on a date but before you do, we need to know what this person is about. Do not forget about catfishing as well.
Catfishing is when someone makes a fake social media profile and acts like another persona, and it can also be when someone looks a certain way on their social media but in person they don’t look like their profile whatsoever.
So how do you land a call over Zoom? Well, when you are having a conversation with a person and things get a little dull get creative and announce something crazy or interesting that has happened to you before. Hopefully they ask what happened to you and you respond with “I’d love to, but it’s kind of a long story..” after that we get hopeful again and they say something like “I got time” or “can you call me?” Send that link or number baby, because obviously we scored. Other easy ways you can land a Zoom call is saying stuff like “Oh I’m eating this, I wish I can show you” and “I just bought this new sweater but I don’t know if I like how it looks on me, can I have your opinion?”
Remember to always match their efforts! If a person is not interested in talking to you or wanting to go on Zoom together, don’t waste your time. If they wanted to, they would. Living through the global pandemic is already stressful as it is, there’s no room for people in our lives that don’t want to stay in our lives and take advantage of us.
Safety plays a huge role in meeting and talking to someone you found on your socials for the first time too. Don’t give out too much information at first such as your job, where you live, private details of yourself. Make sure you want to do this, and that you are comfortable.
If you landed the Zoom date now what? Well, have fun! Clean up a little, get ready, don’t overthink it. If all is well, conversations will flow, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Fix your hair a little, put a clean shirt on, make it effortless. What I mean by getting a little ready but making it effortless is that you want to look good and presentable but also like if you did not try.
An important reminder we must tell ourselves is that this sort of stuff like dating shouldn’t be hard. Dating and meeting new people should not be stressful for you, and if it doesn’t work out don’t feel bad about it. Don’t let negative things enter your life and have fun. Be safe, be confident, be yourself!