My love for films during the pandemic


Brisa Flores

Brisa Flores, Reporter

My love for films is never-ending. We have been in this ongoing pandemic and stay at home order for almost an entire year already, but it has made it me realize why I love films and all the magic that goes into them. Living through this pandemic made me explore new genres, and films are much more than just something to watch.
We all have our preferred genres of movies and TV shows that we enjoy watching. If you are like me, someone who will pretty much watch anything, our favorite genres will tend to change from time to time. For the past month, my favorite genre of film has been romance.
I will admit when someone puts me on the spot and asks me what my favorite genre of film is, I would rarely choose romance. Instead, I name any other genre . Romance can either be the main genre or subgenre in a film, which goes the same for other genres. That’s the beauty of it all; multiple genres can come together to create one final project and make people feel a bunch of different emotions.
Without meaning to, I spent the past month watching almost nothing but romance films. I appreciate this genre because the plot gives me that comforting feeling. The way the directors, costume department, etcetera, just emphasize the films’ whole feel. They all carefully select how they want certain things to be for whatever the plot is or how they want to represent the character’s relationship development in their scenes.
One of my favorite things about this genre is the types of romantic relationships and different tropes that can be explored within the film’s story, like enemies to lovers or fake dating tropes. Tropes just really add more to the story and make it more interesting without being repetitive or bland.
As I previously said, I usually hardly lean toward the romance genre when it comes to watching movies. Nonetheless, this time, they gave me something I did not know I wanted or realized was missing for the past year. This specific genre gave me a warm feeling that I found really comforting and very much needed. Especially during times like these where we do not have a lot of contact with others and cannot physically be with people; we used to be around a lot before this. These movies make me feel as if someone is giving me a warm hug, and it makes me feel like I just drank a cup of warm hot chocolate.
Some films I watched this past month are Ella Enchanted, Tangled, Mamma Mia, and Grease. They are all some iconic films that fall within the romance genre with some entertaining musical numbers.
They are all similar in the genre but different when it comes to relationship tropes and plotlines. If you ever need that warm feeling, take a breather and watch a romance film. You may never know if anyone you watch can become one of your newest comfort films.