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‘IT’ intimidates with a great story

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‘IT’ intimidates with a great story

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Christopher Cocay, Reporter

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“IT: Chapter One” (2017), directed by Andy Muscietti and based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King, has already broke and is still breaking records by making $198.5 million on its first week.

The film revolves around seven kids who teamed up to defeat the shape-shifting clown Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård). The story begins when Bill’s brother Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) goes missing without a trace.

A year later, Bill (Jaeden Lieberher) is still looking for his missing brother along with his friends Richie (Finn Wolfhard), Eddie (Jack Dylan Grazer), and Stanley (Wyatt Oleff). As the search for the missing brother progresses, the four boys encounter new friends who are Beverly (Sophia Lillis), Ben (Jeremy Ray Taylor), and Mike (Chosen Jacobs). They name their group of companionship “The Losers Club” as their friendship goes deeper.

The kids realize that each of them are having bizarre visions and solve the puzzle that it’s Pennywise who’s using their greatest fears against them by making them have scary visions.

My experience with the movie was fun and difficult at the same time, as I had to go in line and wait for a few minutes to get two advanced tickets for an evening showing at 6 p.m.

Inside the theater, there were a lot of people and reserved seats; I ended up sitting at the very back. It made me really excited when I saw the huge crowd because the last time I saw a theater crowded was when I watched Jurassic World (directed by Colin Trevorrow).

The film “IT” was innovative and was made perfectly even if it’s based from a book and a second remake. The child actors were amazingly great and they projected their parts flawlessly and naturally.

The movie itself has a huge sense of humor even if it’s recognized as a horror movie. The modernization of the film made it flawless, believable, and twice as scary with the use of CGI.

Unlike the first TV movie adaptation of “IT,” the modern version has a lot of scenes that made me jump on my seat; the CGI made it even better. The movie will not just make you frightened or laugh, but it will also make you emotional on the final scene, so it is like an all-in-one genre in one movie.

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‘IT’ intimidates with a great story