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New Vietnamese restaurant Rolls and Grill has healthy and low-cost alternatives to fast food

Melisa Puryear, Reporter

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Six weeks ago, a new Vietnamese restaurant called Rolls and Grill opened in the Ming Plaza shopping strip a few doors down from Ross Dress for Less.

It’s a very clean, casual, and balanced eating environment which has bright lighting, spacious seating area with a window ledge table complimented by tall chairs, and pleasant music videos to keep diners entertained. The decor is simplistic but modern and feels inviting.

I was greeted by the owner, Loam Nguyen, who took my order. She is from Vietnam and said at Rolls and Grill, everything is made fresh. The food she features on her menu is the kind of best food choices that people enjoy in Vietnam, which is light, fresh and healthy eating.

This is Nguyen’s and her family’s first restaurant. The food price ranges from approximately $6 to $16. Even though it’s a counter-order restaurant, it is designed to be a casual dining experience with tableside delivery. If you are willing to be patient, the time and attention that is given to each dish will exceed expectation.

From my first bite, I suspected that it would be more than just an attractive visual food experience. The food was yummy, but there was something about its presentation that made the flavor settle in even better. I was hooked.

I ordered the Banh Mi Thit Nuong (Grilled Pork Sandwich). It was so delicious; I detected a pickle-marinated mix of thinly shaved carrots and white winter radish, topped with cilantro, tiny slices of jalapeño and just a slight touch of mayo.

I dipped my sandwich in a peanut buttery, spicy sauce topped with walnuts (which is provided upon request). Out-of-this-world amazingness. I also tried the Goi Cuon (Grilled Pork Spring Roll). Don’t think Chinese egg roll my friend, which can taste oily, like cardboard, and sometimes stale. No, these very healthy Vietnamese spring rolls are not fried. They’re packed with grilled pork, shredded fresh veggies, thin vermicelli noodles, and a crunch thin wafer-like center, by a chef that snuggly rolls it into a tight, thin, orderly, edible spring roll. I loved them.

The portions are large and I felt full. Thirsty? Top it off with a drink that you can chew. My Boba drink was a fruity experience with what tasted like fresh squeezed pineapple juice with a gelatin-like fruit. This is my new favorite eating place. A girl on a budget has a place she can afford to eat, as well as a place that serves healthy choices.

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New Vietnamese restaurant Rolls and Grill has healthy and low-cost alternatives to fast food