Sick of college athletics? I am, too

Zak S. Cowan, Editor in Chief

Collegiate sports are big, there is no doubt, but I have some things to say about them and the whole atmosphere that surrounds them. The following is a collegiate-themed version of “Chiefed” and has all sorts of goodies that I’m sure won’t make me any friends.



Yes, the allegations are disturbing and disgusting. And yes, Joe Paterno’s long tenure is finally over. But there really is something truly great that came out of this. USC is no longer the scapegoat for everything wrong in the world of the NCAA.

I was so sick of people downing my favorite college sports team and saying that Reggie Bush taking some cash from an agent so his family could have a roof to sleep under was wrong.

Now all the critics have been brought back to reality of what is wrong, and the Trojans will fight on, and now they’ll do so without hate pouring onto them. I’ll predict it right now—the Trojans will win the National Championship in 2012.



The thought of LSU and Alabama meeting again in the National Championship is making me sick. As I write this, they are ranked first and third in the BCS standings, and all it will take is an Oklahoma State loss to bring about a rematch of the worst game I’ve ever watched in my life.

God help us.

There has to be a better way to handle this ludicrous situation (I’m thinking playoffs).


I want my NBA

College basketball has kicked off, and I couldn’t be more uncomfortable. Normally, I have the NBA to watch on the weekdays when football isn’t on, but now the only thing that will be on ESPN for the foreseeable future are college-level nobodies that get praised for making a not-so-long three pointer.

I never thought I’d say this, but please, NBA players, just take the crappy deal the owners are offering so we can all go back to normal.



The other day I’m having a conversation with a member of the Rip staff who is a die-hard boxing fan. We got into the fact that it is a dying sport, and it will be sad when it is gone.

A lot of people have their ideas on how to save this once great sport, like a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, but I think I have something better.

The NCAA should have Division-I boxing. Think about it. Every school has one or two boxers that they send to a tournament that will be called Bloody Madness.

Not only will the interest in the sport spike, but also all the Rocky boneheads will have a chance to get off the streets of Philly and make something of themselves.



Collegiate sports are in a sorrowful time right now, and not just nationally (our football team went 4-6). I’m usually a pro sports kind of guy anyways, but when college sports are the only thing on TV, and in the pitfall that they’re in, times will be dark.