BC’s newest sport, sand volleyball, about to start its first season

Carl E. Littleberry Jr., Reporter

Bakersfield College welcomes a new sport this spring as Coach Carl Ferreira gears his team up for its inaugural women’s sand volleyball season. The team will open its first season by traveling to Ventura to face Ventura College and Pierce College on Mar. 18.

However, fans looking forward to catching the team this year will have to catch them at their only home matches against Antelope Valley and Rio Hondo College at Cal State University Bakersfield on April 15.

The Renegades have already played four different colleges in friendly scrimmages, which coach Ferreira feels has helped his players transition from court to sand.

“It’s less about the team and more about the individual in sand volleyball,” said Ferreira.

With a focus more on individual development and offensive chemistry.

Ferreira has been spending his time now learning which sets of players work well together and determining what his lineups will be for the upcoming season.

Key differences between sand volleyball and regular volleyball are the number of players and the loss of team-specific positions.

In sand volleyball, each school fields five two-woman teams who play in dual match-ups similar to that of tennis doubles matches.

Each team plays five matches, with the set winner being determined by best three out of five.

“Its like swimming without the lanes,” said Ferreira, “Without lanes it becomes water polo, and I imagine even Michael Phelps would have trouble with that.”

Coach Ferreira doesn’t feel the added pressure of coaching the first sand volleyball team in BC history.

As he transitions from regular volleyball, Ferreira is excited about the new opportunities the sport can offer his girls.

“We’re the very first ever team. It’s awesome. Fantastically awesome and now the sport can grow more and more starting from college on down,” said Ferreira.

Also of note, Ferreira will be able to look toward sophomore Hannah Pope who is making the transition from the hardwood to sand.

Along with Pope, Ferreira adds sophomore Sarah Aurin and Alyssa Mathews, both former BC volleyball players, whom each add needed depth and a semblance of experience for first-year coach Ferreira.

“Both Sarah and Alyssa played for me two years ago. Now that they have eligibility in another sport I’m hoping they can help our team