BC football teams scores first victory

Franco Castelo, Reporter

The Renegade football team had their first home game against El Camino College on Sept. 08.

For the first quarter, both teams played safe and displayed patience in their plays. El Camino’s football team began to play aggressively towards the end of the first quarter and the Bakersfield Renegades continued to hesitantly. However, neither team moved the ball successfully until the next three quarters.

Franco Castelo
Jeremiah Johnson (left), Monte Robinson (middle) and Elisha Ortiz (right) celebrating after Jeremiah Johnson scores a touchdown in the second quarter.

Throughout the rest of the game, both teams played fiercely. The first touchdown was scored by El Camino’s wide receiver, Kishawn Berry, with seven minutes into the second quarter; but Berry missed the extra point giving them only six points.
That did not stop the Renegades from scoring three touchdowns that quarter taking the lead 20-6.

During the second quarter, the Renegades played well offensively and displayed resolve while under pressure.

With the help of Nathan De Jager and Josh Medina, BC running back, Elisha Ortiz, scored two of the touchdowns. An impressive interception was made by Jeremiah Johnson who with assistance by De Jager, carried the ball across the field scoring a touchdown and an extra point.

The second half of the game became a showcase for both teams’ defensive strategies.

Franco Castelo
Both teams eager to start for the first play of the final quarter of the game.

El Camino started the second half poorly, collecting multiple fouls. As for the Renegades, mistakes were made- such as fumbles towards the end of the third and fourth quarter.

“For our first game, we played well but have a lot of practicing to do. We should not allow the mistakes that were made to happen in the future,” said Jake East.

El Camino took the offensive possession for the last two quarters scoring a field goal and touchdown for the final score 20-15.

The Renegades held their position until the end of the game and left with their first win. As for now, the Renegades are 1-1 in the season.

Franco Castelo
Line Backer, Mario Solorio, and Inside Line Backer, Jalen Simpkins, go for a dive to tackle El Camino’s Running Back, Shawn Prejean.