WWE is a global phenomenon for many reasons

Taylor Jensen, Editor-in-Chief

How could something scripted be a larger than life phenomenon? How could that something bring thousands of people together in one arena and millions of other people around the world for one night? How could that something become someone’s passion after viewing just a match or an entire episode for the first time in their life?

The WWE reaches an audience that spans overseas and all around the world. By the way, the WWE has just now been showcasing more shows in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Melbourne in Australia.

The WWE produces the shows in said countries as if they were all individual WrestleMania’s and so the fans attract to see “One Last Time” matches or just matches that have never happened before. With that said, everyone wants to be a part of history by attending the shows and having the time of their life.

Within those massive audiences in the US and around the world, people of any age group, gender, ethnicity, language, and social status enjoy the WWE each week. People claim that it’s only for little kids, little boys to be specific, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

I’ve known girls and women, including me, that are just as passionate about the business as the boys and men are. Just look at women’s wrestling today.

So, how does the WWE do it? What makes people so attracted to the business?

Maybe it’s the explosive pyro, the intriguing storylines, the top-notch wrestling, and the inspiring superstars.

When one attends a WrestleMania, one component they look forward to is the pyro. The pyro, in the beginning, in my opinion, is designed to introduce the greatest show on earth the best way possible. It also gets the audience pumped up for what’s to come for the next six hours.

When the pyro closes the show, a superstar is usually holding their newly won the title after competing in the main event. It adds so much emotion because fireworks are usually used for a celebration, so it brings out everyone’s emotions to the fullest.

Superstars also use pyro in their entrances for their persona. For example, Goldberg and Undertaker.

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Storylines are really the heart of WWE because it is sports-entertainment after all. In my opinion, the company wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if it didn’t possess either dramatic, funny, scary, or even violent storylines for each match.

That’s probably why I haven’t been into the independent scene of wrestling as much. I mean, who doesn’t love a good story and a good fight that settles the rivalry?

Let’s be real here, a lot of people that say WWE is fake and that they hate it, would be slightly intrigued at the wrestling that’s put on every night by each superstar. It’s insane how these 300-pound men could jump over the ropes or do a high flying move off the top rope.

That’s one of the reasons these superstars are so inspiring to their fans. They fight through their busy lives just to entertain us. No matter how beat up or tired they are, they still go out there and kick ass.

It’s called World Wrestling “Entertainment” for a reason.

I truly believe that WWE is the greatest company in the world that will live on then, now, and forever.