A childhood dream

Taylor Jensen, Editor-in-Chief

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It’s been a whole school year since I started writing these WWE stories and I’ve hoped that many of you readers of The Rip have learned just a little bit more about the greatest business in the world.

With this issue being the last of the Spring 2019 semester, I wanted to share the dream I once had of being a wrestler for WWE.

Every fan at one point in their life has wanted to be a wrestler.

We want to experience the energy of walking through that curtain when our music is blaring throughout the arena. We want to experience how it feels to walk down the ramp as the fans are screaming at you on each side. We want to experience what it’s like to perform in the ring and to have the fans up out of their seats because that’s what WWE is all about.

I’ve always imagined my wrestling character as a badass chick that the fans love to hate.

There is a reason that Triple H has always been my favorite wrestler. He’s easily the greatest heel (bad guy) in the history of the business, so his character influenced me when I was a kid when I wanted to be a wrestler.

I have a closet in my room that has no doors so that allowed me to pin a blanket over the entrance. I had this crazy imagination that I stand in my closet with some cool music playing and then when I felt the time was right, I opened the curtain and walked out with numerous poses.

Sadly, the only audience member I had was my 5-year-old brother, but he was my greatest supporter for the dream I had because he thought it was fun.

My little brother and I would wrestle all the time in my room which resulted in holes in the wall, tore up blinds, and a broken bed; however, it was a great excuse to upgrade my room.

There is a reason why WWE tells their viewers to “please don’t try this at home.”

I suffered a twisted and sprained ankle from trying to perform a fake “big boot” kick to my brother. My ankle was the size of a golf ball!

I loved to wrestle before I even knew wrestling existed which makes it seem like falling in love with WWE was meant to be.

I loved to perform wrestling moves on my friends and little brother in the backyard, my room, and even a bounce house. These were some of the greatest memories of my childhood.

Now that I’m older, I no longer have that dream of being a WWE wrestler, but I still want to be a part of the company backstage. Let’s just say that I want to use my brain to impact the WWE.

I still and always will fight for the dream of WWE that I’ve had since I was 11 years old because it’s who I am.

Now since my duty as a WWE columnist for The Rip is winding down, I want to say that it’s not the end for me of writing about WWE, it’s only the beginning. I hope to become a Creative Writer for WWE or a writer in general for wrestling on either a website or magazine.

It’s all I imagine myself doing and it would truly be a childhood dream come true.