Sophomore quarterback shares his experiences

Haley Duval, Senior Photo Editor

Sophomore, Stephen Figure, 20, currently plays quarterback for the Renegades football team.

How did you start playing football?

I started playing football when I was eight years old. My godfather, whose son on the team, Isaiah Martin, his dad got me into it when I was in third grade. I feel in love with it ever since. That’s why I still play today, because of him.

One football moment you can never forget?

I went to Bakersfield Christian High School when we went to State. That was the best moment of my senior year. Going to state and being in that type of atmosphere.

How do you manage studying and playing games?

With studying we all have to go to study hall and have to get a certain amount of hours in. To make sure those two-hours I have gets in I strictly don’t overthink and stay focus. That’s enough time for me to be able to study homework, study my plays, and go to practice without having to worry about getting behind.”

Haley Duval

Favorite game of this season?

For this year I have to say the game against Long Beach. Although we lost, it seemed like our defense was clicking. We were flying around having a good time playing football even though we didn’t get the win.

Last season?

I have to say the Saddleback game. It was our last game of the season. Everyone had fun because it was our last game.

What is your training schedule like? Do you practice every day?

We have Monday’s off, but we practice Tuesdays to Fridays when everyone is out of class. Fridays we have an early clock at 7 a.m.

Have any sports icon you look up too?

Eric Berry.

Do you have a favorite football team?

The Kansas City Chiefs. That my favorite football team. I liked them since I was a kid because my dad liked them.

Do you have a special routine or superstition before you play a big game?

Not really. I just listen to my music. Usually to classical or something slow, because I like being in a calm mood before playing. I don’t like listening to rap or something because I’ll get me off mood.

In some major games, how do you handle the pressure?

I handle pressure when I’m on the field. I tune everyone out [expect] my coaches. I just focus on what’s going on. I forget about the fans, who are out there, and the scots. I just focus on one thing, which is just making the play.

How is the relationship of a coach with players?

It’s pretty good. It’s like we’re family. We’re together every day. I see them more than my actual family. I look up to all my coaches. They’re my role models and my teammates are like brothers to me.

How does it feel to hear the cheers of supporters?

It’s a great feeling. They will cheer for us, that’s how we know we’re doing something good. When there’s a bad call and hear the booing, you know we have true fans that care about the games.

How do you and the team motivate each other in half time if you are behind in the scoreline?

We stay motive by thinking that there are many people out there that wish can be playing football or doing something active and they can’t so we put that in our heads. You have something like that in your head, that some people can’t play, wish they could that play and wish they could,  makes you want to play better, play more, and play to your best ability.

If you weren’t playing football, what would you be doing?

Just going to school and focusing on my major. I’m a psychology major. I’m branching off after that and go into children psychology. That’s what I want to do and hopefully, get into somewhere here in Bakersfield or close to home. That’s the plan. I love kids.