BC Baseball team triumphs over Cerro Coso College

Humberto Chairez, Reporter

The Bakersfield College Renegade baseball team won against Cerro Coso Community College on Feb. 1 with a final score of 9-0.
The Renegades started the game off by relying heavily on their defense to make play after play of pop flies, groundouts, and bailing out the pitchers from wild pitches. Cerro Coso Community College only had three hits and Bakersfield only gave up one error the entire game.
Cerro Coso Community College only gave up two errors the entire game, playing good defense, the Renegade’s playing aggressive offense by multiple steals for bases.
Will Reynolds (4), stole home base following a wild pitch when the team was up 5-0.
Following the game, Head Coach Tim Painton said “Feels good, we needed this, great pitching today”

“[Wes]Bradford (28) and [Jacob]Baker (3) hit a lot of balls today. We have to be [aggressive], it’s who we are, got to put pressure on them [Cerro Coso Community College]”.
“Felt like we bounced back, played better defense and hopefully we can build off this,” Jacob Baker (3) said.
This is Bakersfield College’s second win of the season and 2-3 overall record. The Renegades play lights out defense, did not make simple errors, pitched conservatively, and used aggressive offense.
Bakersfield College will test how good the catcher by constantly stealing base after base. The Renegades have a lot of speed in players like Josh Baker (3), Will Reynolds (4), and Wes Bradford (28). These players constantly attack pitchers with consecutive hits and once on base, they dash for second and third base.

The Renegade defense pulled ahead by not letting Cerro Coso get a chance at getting a single score. Hunter Adams (5), and Richard Garcia (18), lead the game in fielding, but this was a team effort.