BC Softball teams beats the Santiago Canyon Hawks

Mariah Arviso, Reporter

Bakersfield College Renegades Softball came out with a winning score of 12-6 against Santiago Canyon Hawks, on Jan. 25.

BC went into the game with confidence and determination to win this game after their two initial loses according to Sophomore Aviana Campos (19). The team quickly got on the board with one run in the first inning. BC kept their strategy; they scored another run in the second inning and then three more in the third.

The Hawks slowly started to catch up and eventually tied with the Renegades 6-6. It came time for the Renegades to bat again in the sixth inning, and this was when the drive to win really kicked in.

The stand’s cheers flooded the ears of the Gades as they stepped up to the plate to bat.

Freshman pitcher, Arianna Gutierrez (16) managed to keep the Hawks at a score of six giving them no chance to make a run. BC was able to score six more runs which gave them a six-point lead. The Gades won with a score of 12-6.