Men’s BC basketball team loses to the West LA Wildcats

Angel Magdaleno, Reporter

In a two-hour delayed game, the Renegades fell to the Wildcats 75-71. The Bakersfield College Renegades men’s basketball team took on the LA West Wildcats at the Gil Bishop Sports Center at home on Jan. 22. Both teams were able to hold their own all game, but the Gades fell short in the closing seconds of the game.

The Gades trailed by as much as eight points in the first half, but they would not let up. They were able to turn an eight-point deficit into just four by the end of the half with a score of 36-40. It was a high fouling half with the Wildcats going into double bonus penalty committing 12 fouls. The Gades entered the break with seven fouls.

Tyrell Coleman (4), Renegade sophomore, led the Gades at the half with nine points with Isayas Arias (15), Renegade sophomore, close behind with seven points.

It was a bad scoring night for the Renegades only making 28 of their 79 attempts, being 35.4 percent from the field. They only made one of their 16 attempts from 3-point range all night, making it 6 percent shooting from beyond the arc.

The Gades were able to catch up and pull ahead of the Wildcats, but that did not last long. It was back and forth between the two teams in the closing minutes of the game. With just one-minute remaining in the game, the Gades were up 71-70. They fell just short of the win as the Wildcats went on a 5-0 run in the final minute of the game.

The loss to the Wildcats dropped the Gades to 1-4 in the conference and 13-6 overall in the season.