BC baseball team suffers a loss against LA Mission College

Adeli Arvizu, Reporter

The Bakersfield College Baseball Team lost their home game against The Los Angeles Mission College Eagles with a score of 2-1 on March 3.

The first inning for both BC and Mission mostly consisted of strikeouts and little action beyond the pitcher’s plate. However, during the second inning, BC shortstop Jose Ruiz and BC outfielder Alex Rodriguez managed to take a swing at the ball. Despite the efforts, both balls were caught by Eagles outfielders. The second inning for BC ended with no runners left on base, and no runs scored.

During the third inning, BC was able to get players to hit the ball, but yet again were quickly caught by the Eagles.

Adeli Arvizu
BC Infielder Jose Ruiz watches and waits to see where the ball goes as Mission is up to bat. BC’s Baseball team is currently 0-1 in their conference. BC’s 2-1 loss against Mission became their fourth loss in the season.

The fourth and fifth innings were more eventful for the Renegades. Players were able to make contact with the ball and make it onto first base.

By the sixth inning, neither team had scored but were beginning to get more players on bases. The Eagles made a hit that was missed by BC outfielders, allowing them to gain another hit against the Renegades. The third player up to bat for Mission also made a hit that, once again, briefly slipped past BC players. However, in a quick turn of events, BC outfielders managed to recover the ball and threw it to second base and then to first base for a double out.

There was finally a scored run in the game during the eighth inning, allowing Mission to take the lead. BC Infielder Hunter Adams was able to answer back with a run in the ninth inning, giving BC a run on the board. Nevertheless, BC was not able to score more than the one run, which ultimately led to their loss against Mission. It was the team’s fourth loss of the season and currently remains 0-1 in their conference.