The softball team takes a loss against the Eagles

Jocelyn Perez, Reporter

The Bakersfield College softball team took another devastating loss to the LA Mission College Eagles on March 9. 

The Lady Renegades started off well in both their offense and defense by making smart plays and decisions. In the first inning, although the Eagles made the first homerun, The Renegades made a comeback in the second inning.

Renegade, Jayden Beam, hit a far ball into the outfield, allowing Lydia Vasquez, who was on second base to run all the way to home. The lady renegades were able finish off the second inning with another homerun. 

The Eagles were coming in strong with good hits but the outfield persevered on defense. Halfway through the game, at the third, the score was at 10 for the guests and 3 for the Lady Renegades. The Renegades had a hard time pulling their numbers back up. 

It was a rough game for the ladies, during the fourth inning there was some miscommunication in the outfield as a pop fly made its way out there. Both Lydia Vasquez and Monica Alvarez called for the ball and ended up colliding into one another leaving Lydia hurt and on the ground. 

“I was going to dive and I didn’t hear her because her voice was very low so we ended up colliding into one another,” Vasquez said. The final score resulting in 12-3, a 5-inning game.