BC falls to Antelope Valley 12-7

Jacub Bill, Reporter

The Renegades were on the road against Antelope Valley, and being on a two-game winning streak in hopes to turn the tide on what hasn’t been their best season, winning their third wouldn’t hurt. BC started the game the way they hoped, taking a one-to-nothing lead in the second inning after a homer by the power bat of Xabi Iparraguirre. That lead did not last long, though, when Antelope Valley got two runs in the bottom of the 3rd, making it a 1-2 game.

Those were the only two runs allowed from BC’s David Villegas as he was lights out, only giving up two through six innings. BC scored two more in the top of the 6th, getting the lead back. Those two runs were started by another big hit by Xabi Iparaguirre as he roped a double and scored off another double from Alek Martinez. Villegas held Antelope scoreless in the bottom half of the 6th, then BC tacked on three more runs in the top of the 7th when Jacob Baker hit a double, scoring two for BC, and Joseph Alatorre singled Baker home, which would give the Renegades a strong 6-2 lead in the middle of the 7th inning.  

Antelope Valley finally got to Villegas as they scored three off of him in their half of the 7th. This would mark the end of the game for David Villegas after giving up five runs through seven innings, but it still was a great outing through the first six innings. At the end of the 7th, the game was held only by a one-run lead 6-5 BC. 

In the 8th inning, Bakersfield unknowingly scored their last run on a bases-loaded fielders choice that brought home Xabi Iparaguirre. Unfortunately, this 7-5 lead wouldn’t last as Antelope Valley tee’d off on the Renegades in the bottom of the 8th and scored seven more runs in the process. BC was unable to answer back in the top of the 9th and lost 12-7. Advancing their record to 7-20.