BC holds second annual Athletics Hall of Fame dinner

Bakersfield College held the Athletics Hall of Fame and induction dinner event for the second year in a row on Oct. 20.

The event was located at Luigis in east Bakersfield and cost over $100 to get in considering the fact that dinner was served.

Toward the beginning of the night, many had the opportunity to arrive early, mingle amongst each other, order drinks, and eat a selection of foods from the appetizer bar.

As 6:30 p.m. approached, the program started off with the national anthem and introduced Jenny Lewis, the BC athletics chairwoman. She spoke briefly about the committee and what would be discussed throughout the night.

She also mentioned that they are always looking for new members and if interested, you could speak directly to her in regards to this.

Following Lewis, many coaches spoke in regards to the many individuals that help make up the athletic program and department.

In addition, they recognized star athletes, what sport they played, and some of their top achievements since playing for Bakersfield College.

The 2022 hall of fame inductees were Duane Damron, Dr. Romain Clerou, Sandi Taylor, Jeremy Staat and Stan Greene.

Importantly these inductees are former student athletes, coaches, administrators and other community members.

All inductees were associated with different sports such as softball, football, basketball, and baseball while having other responsibilities aside from athletics and yet still performing at their best.

The committee plans to continue hosting these annual events and will induct new athletes each year. Those interested in finding out more can visit gogades.com to

board full of deli meats and cheeses
A charcuterie style board was provided at the beginning of the Athletic Hall of Fame event at Luigi’s on Oct. 20. (Amanda Hernandez)

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