BC softball team falls short in first game

Nadeen Maniord, Reporter

Bakersfield College’s softball season made a comeback Jan. 27 with a double header, the first game of the season and falling short to Santiago Canyon with a final score of 3-5.

It was a double header, meaning multiple teams would come in like a tournament to compete for placements. These teams of girls would play against each other back-to-back. Teams during these plays would establish skill level and future competition.

Athletic Director of Bakersfield College, Reggie Bolton states, “We are expecting big things out of both of these programs [Baseball and Softball], I am just excited to see these athletes compete, because I know how hard they work to compete.” The Renegades were ready for the competition at home.

woman in white uniform with read and white cap with bat in motion
#21 Anika Romo swinging to hit the softball during Jan. 27 game (Nadeen Maniord)

By bottom of the 4th, #10 Shelbie Valencia, would be the first to hit the ball during the new spring season for Bakersfield College. Renegades would still not score despite this tiny victory. Players on both sides would keep this type of relentlessness, not making any scores.

Approaching near the end of the game, the score was still at 0-3. Leaving only one inning left for Renegades to come through with a win.

Top of the 6th finally caught some momentum for Bakersfield’s Renegades, with #20 Kadyn Smith scored a home run, tying up the two teams. This was only a short-lived win for the Renegades. Seemed like both teams had home runs in mind, Santiago’s #8 would also score a home run at the top of the 7th.

women on both softball teams give each other high fives
Teams show good sportsmanship by high fiving to conclude the end of the game. (Nadeen Maniord)

In the second game that day, the Renegades would redeem themselves with an 8-7 win over the Mt. San Antonio Mounties