Love the game, hate the loss

Nadeen Maniord, Reporter

The women’s tennis team for Bakersfield College, had a home match against their second team on Feb. 4 and unfortunately was met with a loss 7-2.

The beginning of the season started for spring sports, and women’s tennis is no different for the Renegades. Unlike the Kern High Schools, tennis for women occurs in the springtime for college students. Making this the second match of the season for the girls. This would be labeled as a non-conference match.

two players on a tennis court, one wearing black and the other wearing read and white
Doubles Match between number 1 doubles, showing Abigail ready for the serve. (Nadeen Maniord)

Swinging into things, the doubles pairs went ahead, and had top three ranked pairs play off against Orange Coast’s top three pairs. Greta Kruesar and Abby Reimer were the #1 doubles. Hannah Puruis and Kiana Lua are the #2 doubles. While Aleah Gisineros and Grecia de La Cruz is the #3 pairing.

All the players attacked the ball and fought hard to get that win they needed. However, the top two teams lost their matches. Meaning that the Renegades would need to win 4 matches in singles matches in order to take home a win.

Singles was the next to play after the conclusion of all the doubles matches. There were top six players that were designated to play with the top six of Orange Coast. Once again, Greta Kruesar would represent as the #1 player for singles.

Out of the six matches, an unfortunate score of 1 would only go to the Renegades. Making the final score 2-7 for the match against Orange Coast. Although the team

woman in white top and red shorts swinging tennis racket
Abigail Reimer hitting the ball after a serve. (Nadeen Maniord )

didn’t win, they are still eager to compete and have a good season.