BC’s Baseball Team Strikes Out

Nadeen Maniord, Reporter

Bakersfield College’s baseball team strikes out when going against Citrus College, losing 4-11 on April 22.

In baseball, there are 9 innings in total that are separated in halves of each other with each strike out. For Bakersfield College, they would go first,  the top half of the game would be led by BC, while Citrus College would take the bottom half of the inning.

Top of the 1st, looked promising for the Renegades when Zamaree Tilmon hit a ball down to left field; allowing an opening for Andrew Townson to run home. Alek Martinez would also run home, advancing Bakersfield’s lead 2-0. These two hits would give  Renegades an advantage that would continue until the top of the second.

When approaching the bottom of the second, Citrus Owl’s had scored 4  points, immediately taking BC’s lead by 2-4. Owl Jin Hattori’s hit down the line, allowed teammates on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to run home and score. Hattori would later join his teammates, after another hit allowed for an opening to further their lead.

Unfortunately, for the Renegades, the Owl would continue to control the game, and not let up.  However, both the 3rd and 4th innings, would lack in any scoring. Both these innings were just both teams going back and forth, maintaining the score.

Top of the 5th, the BC men would try to make a comeback, scoring 1 point. Shortly after, the Renegades would strike out, segwaying into the 6th inning, which would also result in no scoring.

Going into the bottom of the 7th, Citrus men would manage to also score a point on a passed ball, emphasizing their determination to win against Bakersfield College. However, it wasn’t until the bottom of the 8th that the Renegades fate would be sealed.

Citrus College managed to score 6 points, within this 8th inning, making the score 3-11. With 1 inning remaining, the Renegade men would have to score a total of 9 points, in order to win, and that would only be if the Owls didn’t score at all in their half of inning 9. This would not be the case, the Renegade men would only score 1 point on top of the 9th.

The final score of 4-11, would leave the Renegade baseball team with a burning defeat. Both teams would work hard to win. But to put it simply, the Owls just outplayed the Renegades. The Renegades have several games left in order to close out the 2023 season well.