Renegade Softball Team takes “W’s”

Nadeen Maniord, Reporter

Bakersfield College softball women goes against Sequoia, and splits in their doubleheader, hosted home on April 21.

During the 2nd game, the BC women managed to win, 8-5, against a team that seemed to be evenly matched. Unlike baseball, A softball game is usually around 7 innings. The away team would hit for the 1st half of an inning, while the home team would hit for the bottom half. A softball game is usually around 7 innings.

Bottom of the 1st, D Cuellar would hit down the center and allow for R Price to advance to home. Advancing against the Sequoia women by a score of 1-0. The Renegades would set the tone straight off the bat by scoring another 2 points, with the score being 3-0.

When heading into top of the 2nd, however, the Sequoia Giant’s would not make this game easy.  Giant, S Sanchez, would score, after a hit was made to center field. After that a double would be made by the giants, allowing for 3 more points scored, which would let the Giants take the lead 3-5.

This would not shake the Renegades, in fact they would take back their lead during the bottom of the 3rd. Price would score yet another point for BC, trying to play catch-up. Cuellar would also score a point, tying up the game at 5-5 during the 3rd inning.

Price was definitely the MVP, during this game, she would score another point for the Renegades at the bottom of the 4th.  A final score would be made by the Renegades, during the bottom of the 5th, making a final score of 8-5.

No scores were made in the last two innings, and the Renegades have done excellent this 2023 season, and have only a few games remaining.