Shuttle the transportation for students at BC

Ruben Lira, Reporter

Bakersfield College administration is addressing the issue of with students parking illegally in residential areas surrounding the campus. Even with an area designated for free parking, there are not enough spots for every student. Tickets have been issued to students who park in the residential areas.

BC has introduced a plan to help alleviate the parking shortage caused by campus construction during the first four weeks of the semester.

“In July, the parking lot renovations came up, and President Christian wanted to ensure that our students are set for success as much as possible during the beginning of the fall semester,” said Tamara Baker, program manager at BC.

The shuttles start at 7 a.m. and end around 3 p.m. during school hours for only the first four weeks. They take a full circle around the school on opposite sides and make as many as three to four stops. Students who have a class after that timeframe can call public safety at any time to request a Cadet Escort or a ride should the student have any safety concerns.

Shuttle driver, Caleb Dulaney, said that he has had about 60 students ride the shuttle by 1:30 p.m. He also added that the busiest time was around noon, considering students take lunch or take classes around noon.

Ruben Lira
Caleb Dulaney doing his rounds on the shuttle.

According to student and shuttle rider, Johnathon Maddon, the best part about riding the shuttle is that it

“makes it more convenient to kinda get around the campus from one side to another.”

When asked if he would love to see the shuttle more often each semester he said no.

“It’s convenient now right now. Especially with the parking lot closed, and people parking a lot farther away, but I think it is a waste of money just to make people not have to walk,” said Maddon

The shuttles are not planned for every semester, but the school is looking for ways to ensure student success.

No issues have been reported regarding the shuttles.

“The best part of the shuttle service is that we are able to amend and develop the routes; we receive feedback and notice if things need to be changed,” Baker said.

When the first four weeks of school are completed the shuttles are then disbanded; students will have many options to get to school. These include riding a bike to school and using one of the schools’ new bike racks, getting a ride on the bus or transit (Students can ride the Kern Transit for free as long as they show valid student identification), carpooling with another student, or getting picked up and dropped off. There are many alternatives to coming onto the campus and as long as BC is under construction there can be expected more parking lots closed for construction. Any alternative is welcomed if the student can arrive safe, and on time for class.

Bus practicing picking up/dropping off students.