OP-ED: There is more than one way to cheat

Isabel Enciso

Everyone believes that breaks ups are the worst because they don’t want to be with you anymore that they found someone else to be with, that breaks-ups only break your heart and all this other crap. I don’t find that true, you ever walked into your apartment to find your boyfriend performing sexual acts with another woman? Yeah, now that’s what I call heartbreaking.

To some, yes, making out with someone other than your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating in a way, but kissing with someone else is not the only way to cheat There are in fact multiple ways to cheat on your partner.

In my words, walking into a room, you share with your partner, where you find him/her having sex with another person that is not you or they hide it from you while you are away from home. Or the person he/she was having sex with will probably tell you if they feel guilty about it or even if they want them for themselves. This can be a way of cheating.

Another way to cheat is flirting with other people or person. If you do it in secret without your partner knowing what you are doing is cheating. It doesn’t have to be just flirting with them, but asking them out to eat, have drinks, go to the movies, or even hanging out romantically. Flirting doesn’t just happen on its own, but it comes natural to those who are comfortable with it.

Cheating isn’t always a physically attraction others, but it can come from calls on the phone or texting. It can always be having a secret friend that your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband don’t know about.

Taking a text or call from someone that you have to talk in private so no one knows who you are talking with is a form of cheating. Yes some may say, not it’s not, I’m just close friends with this person, but it’s cheating when you make sure to keep it away from the person you love, and keep it from others from finding out about it. Cheating is not right no matter how you do it.