DISC hosts first Disability and Fundraiser Day

Freddie Ward, Reporter

On March 17, the DISC (Disabled Inspire & Support Change) participated in its first Disability and Fundraiser Day.

Club members sold cakes, popcorn, snow cones, shamrocks, and green St. Patty’s hats. Irish music played, and members were dressed in green.

“It was a huge success and lots of fun,” said Sharon Olson. “The money we raised will go towards club activities,” said Olson.

The sponsor of the club, Crystal Johnson, is also the instructor and coach.

She said, “DISC physical education classes are not just a workout. It is also a social time we share getting to know our fellow members.”

According to Olson, club meetings are informational. “If there are new laws or changes in Social Security that will affect disabled students, we want them to know. If there’s something students might be interested in (financial aid week, help with completing FAFSA forms, or pantry food giveaway), we inform and assist the students.”

“We also invite speakers from Independent Living and other agencies students are interested in,” Olson said. “We want members to be alerted to services that are available to them, such as scribes who will take notes for them, and, the cart, that will give them a ride between classes.”

“At our meetings, students can feel comfortable without someone pointing out their disability. It’s a place where students have a voice.”

Olson said, “We come together as one, to make college accessible, and, when necessary, make changes to help everyone succeed.”