Students present published work

Chris Miller, Reporter

The Roughneck Review hosted its second Roughneck Review: A Celebration of Authors and Artists event on April 14, four years after the very first one. The event took place in the Levan Center, beginning at 11:30 a.m. and ending around 12:30 p.m.

The event was an opportunity for students to present some of the work they had submitted to the online journal, the Roughneck Review, either in past issues or the soon-to-be released issue coming out this May.

There were a total of six presenters who each presented a completely different piece of work. The works ranged from dark and personal poetry to a lighthearted essay ranting about shopping.

Many of the presenters had friends and relatives in the audience. Mayor candidate Gilberto De La Torre was also there supporting his sister Yasmin De La Torre as she read an essay.

Dr. Keri Wolf, a co-editor for the Roughneck Review, was pleased with the turnout. “I was very pleased with the turnout and with the community and that they were able to bring people and family members of all ages for it,” she said.

Wolf explained that it took four years to host a second Roughneck Review: A Celebration of Authors and Artists event because the original founder of the Roughneck left soon after the first event and there was a transition period between then and now. Both she and her fellow co-editor Dr. Rae Ann Kumelos felt that it was time to increase the Roughneck’s presence and decided to host another Roughneck Review: A Celebration of Authors and Artists since the first was a success.

Despite the fact that the works presented during the event were all varied and unique, Kumelos wants to stress that the Roughneck is still looking for more entries in art, literature, science reports, music, or any other type of discipline, not just essays or poems.

“Students from all disciplines are welcome to submit, and we encourage instructors from all disciplines to submit exceptional student work. This work is an excellent model for their future class assignments, and so easy to access since it is online. Plus, BCalumni are also welcome to submit,” she said.

For those interested in getting involved with the Roughneck Review or how to submit something, contact one of the co-editors. Dr. Keri Wolf can be contacted at her email: [email protected], and Dr. Rae Ann Kumelos can be contacted on her email at: [email protected]

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