The Annual Jones Gallery Exhibition showcases BC art students’ work


Alexis Pedroza

A student summited artwork in the form of a sculpture with a TV for a head.

Alexis Pedroza, Reporter

The Annual Jones Gallery Exhibition took place on March 22 inside the Bakersfield College Library. The reception started at 4 p.m. and people were able to enjoy the student summited artworks that they’ve created in a BC art course.

The exhibition included multiple types of art forms such as photography, ceramics, sculptures, paintings, and media art. Several student artists were there to see their proud works on display. The reception served various snacks and refreshments for all to partake while observing the art pieces.

The facilitator of the event was BC Professor Ronnie Wrest who explained the process of selecting the artworks that are displayed in the gallery.

“It has to be artwork from the past three years that was created in an art course here in BC in order to qualify to be in the exhibition,” said Wrest. “It then gets juried by an artist, and this year there were 200 hundred submissions and it was narrowed down to 70.”

Alexis Pedroza
Student-made Ceramic artworks of various items including a teapot.

Wrest mentioned that they had Aaron Farley, an out of town artist from L.A, come look at the pieces this year to help in the selection process.

When asked about what artwork in the gallery was his favorite Wrest had this to say. “I can’t pick just one, but I enjoy the variety of work this year there’s photography and sculptures”.

He also mentioned that even though he is an art history professor and technically his students don’t create artworks that can be summited to the show he encourages any art major students to participate.

The turnout was successful as a plethora of people walked inside the Jones Gallery and were intrigued by this year’s art.

Alexis Pedroza
People enjoying the artwork pieces during the Jones Gallery reception.

Attendee Sakima Crawford described how he liked one of the paintings by “the softness and peacefully feeling,” Crawford said.

When asked if he’d recommend any of his friends to come view the gallery he replied, “Oh yeah for sure”.

BC student Gabriel Santos also enjoyed the gallery, “I am here because my friend is doing an extra credit assignment,” Santos said. “But I’m having a nice time looking at the artworks they’re very cool and interesting.”

The student art exhibit is open for all to enjoy and will be available until May. The art gallery hours are from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Mon- Thurs.