Bakersfield College Chamber Singers host Christmas dinner concert

Laura Lanfray, Reporter

The Bakersfield College Chamber Singers marked the beginning of the Christmas Season with their annual Holiday dinner concert “Christmas Through the Ages” on Saturday, Dec. 1.

The Bakersfield College cafeteria the held dinner and show with entry through the fireside room. Tickets were $15 for adults and $10 for children under ten years old.

As the crowd settled at their tables, the Bakersfield College food service staff brought out the dinner options.

The dinner included soup, salad, bread, and a dessert along with access to the fireside room for the children. Parents were encouraged to let their children play in the fireside room. Here, they could decorate sugar cookies, make crafts, and play games if they became bored sitting at the dinner table.

Jennifer Garret, BC’s director of choral and vocal studies, opened the night with a welcome speech to the audience in which she thanked the audience members for their patronage and presented the signers.

Mackenzie Burdick sings “Carol of the Bells” in shows opening.

The Choir began the show by walking through the room and singing “Carol of the Bells.”

The BC Choir also held a crafts fair for the first time. Choir members sold homemade keychains, jewelry, and greeting cards. The proceeds of the night are meant to fund the BC Choir.

Wendy Light, known affectionately as “Choir Mom,” has been involved with the choir for the three years her son has been a choir member. She contributed a table’s worth of homemade crafts in the form of candy jars and other decorations.

“This is the first year we’ve done a craft fair,” Light said, “I’ve been working on this since October.”

Called Mayhall and Megumi Harris tend one of the craft tables during the dinner.

Christy Thiel, “We’re kind of accomplishing two things. We’re fundraising for our own, our next big trip who knows where, but also trying to give back to the community at the same time, doing the Toys for Tots drive and also trying to give back for everybody who supported us to get Australia as well as fundraising for the next big adventure.”