Spotlight: Veterans’ resources on campus

Jacqueline Aquian, Reporter

Veteran programs at Bakersfield College offer many services for BC vets. Colleges, universities, and other communities take notice in the veterans and their hard work to protect this country. Bakersfield College has the Veterans Resource Center on campus and Financial aid has the Veteran California Promise Grant (CCPG) which has drawn much recognition.

The Veteran Resource Center is on campus in the Levinson Hall.

They help veterans by supplying them with various resources. There is a lounge for them so they can go and study or rest with more privacy. It is a getaway from everyone else. Veterans have a safe place at the Veteran Center, and everyone there greets those who walk through the door with a smile.

There is even a tip line for Veterans’ in a crisis. Many resources can be found in the center or on their website for every veteran in need.

In the financial aid department, the CCPG grant available is not like the others, because it is specifically for veterans and their families including wives, husbands, and children that decide to go to college.

The CCPG it pays for the tuition, enrollment and classes fee for the students or vets.

Fighting in wars and being in the military is rewarded by the grants and the government by giving their families the benefits needed to help them in any way possible.

Lastly, veterans have recognition from the Navy outreach through articles of the men and women who have served for the country.

The Navy Outreach shows and supports while respecting the vets as best as they can in each posted article. Stories are written about each veteran, showing a new perspective on their lives and trials. 

Veterans are offered resources from the Resources Center on campus and the CCPG given by the government so they can support their families and help themselves in any way possible.