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Tips to pop out eye lashes

Beauty Addict’s Advice: Tips and tricks for beauty

Kylie Hendrickson, Reporter

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False lashes are trendy and beautiful because they can complete a makeup look, and just make your eyes and lashes look amazing. But if you’re lazy, like me, you don’t want to have to apply those suckers every single day. I’m especially not a fan of how heavy they make my eyes feel. With that said, I’ve tried and hunted down the best mascaras I could find to give me that fake eyelash look, without actually using false lashes.

The first thing I do before I even apply mascara is I curl my lashes from root to tip to make my eyes appear wider and brighter. The best mascara I have ever used is something I recently came across within the last two weeks, it’s by Yves Saint Laurent. And it’s a game changer. Yves Saint Laurent the Shock Volumizing Mascara is the best mascara on the market, hands down. It not only makes my lashes look thick, but it also doesn’t weigh them down. I’ve found with other mascaras that as soon as I curl my lashes and I apply the mascara, they immediately lose the curl and I end up just getting frustrated. With YSL’s the Shock Volumizing Mascara, it does the complete opposite. It doesn’t clump even when I put on multiple coats. It makes my lashes look beautifully dramatic with amazing staying power that doesn’t smudge.

It may have a high price tag, but I can devotedly say that it’s worth EVERY single penny. Yves Saint Laurent the Shock Volumzing Mascara can be purchased at Sephora for $29. Another two of my favorites that won’t break the bank is by the brands Too Faced and Urban Decay. Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara has been my favorite for a few years now, and is widely popular by beauty bloggers. It makes your lashes look full and defined, and by adding more than one coat it can create an intense, black, multidimensional look. The full size is $23 and offers the travel size for only $12. The best way to try a new makeup product is to always buy the travel size, if its available.

I’ve also that found that the travel size mascara versions work even better than the full size version for some odd reason. The wand on this mascara is also shaped like an hourglass so it separates and coats each lash with perfection. Lastly, Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara is another volumizing mascara that also contains Hairdensyl, which is a complex blend of proteins and amino acids that are known to stimulate lash growth.

It has a creamier formula so it doesn’t dry out your lashes, nor will it clump while applying. This mascara is even a little bit cheaper with a price tag of $22 for the full size and only $10 for the travel size, which can also be purchased at Sephora. These three mascaras are my beauty arsenals, and I can say I’ve tried a lot of different types in the 16 years I’ve been wearing makeup. I’ve even given drugstore options a whirl so many times, but I just keep coming back to these three favorites. My wallet may not be happy with me at times, but at least my lashes look fierce.


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Tips to pop out eye lashes