Skylanders game fun for kids and adults

Jackie Gibson, Reporter

Last year on Oct. 16, 2011, “Skylanders: Spyros Adventure” was released here in the United States by Activision.

In this game, the player gets to be a Portal Master that can control up to 37 different characters. The player is promised a journey where he or she can explore different lands and battle creatures of those lands, all while collecting gold and randomized treasures.

As the player goes around doing all these things, they are also on a journey to save their home world from a malevolent Portal Master by the name of Kaos.

Although this game has an ESRB rating of E10+, it’s not just children getting into Skylanders. Adults alike have been sucked in by this game’s charming fun.

Chance Goble, an art major at Bakersfield College, recently acquired Skylanders from his grandmother this last holiday season. He said he enjoyed playing the game.

“I like the game,” said Goble. “It’s awesome. The variety of characters you can use and the paths you can put the characters on, even though it’s a kid’s game there is a lot of fun stuff. It reminds me of old school …’Magic: The Gathering’ or something. It’s just fun. Each character you can build up, and even though it’s cartoony and everything, you have so many characters you can choose from and always switch them out.”

Goble added, “You can go and play the same level again with each new character to build that character up so there are a million possibilities. The game is never ending.”

Goble was asked whether or not he would actually recommend this game to children.

“I recommend it for anybody,” he commented. “My Favorite character has got to be Trigger Happy.

“He’s a guy that shoots these two guns, he also goes around throwing giant popsicles at people.

“It’s cool too because you can change their hats and/or armor so that each hat does something special for them. The hats can give like five plus magic or health. They are pretty goofy hats too. They are kind of funny looking.”

These Characters can also transfer to other game consoles.

“I can have a certain hat on a character that I played on my Xbox and my nephew can take that character and play it on his Wii at my grandmother’s house and it will still have that ability-boosting hat on,” Goble explained.

These 37 characters that accompany the game cannot be borrowed but you can re-register them to your console and change ownership.

Gobles himself has 13 of these 37 characters, including one expansion pack.

“There is a lot of characters,” Goble stated. “It can get expensive though. You have the choice to buy all of them so it can get pricey. As long as you have one character of every element you shouldn’t have to buy all of them. If you are missing an element, well then you’re stuck and can’t unlock it.”