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Former student spreads religious view

Monique Hansen-Garcia, Reporter

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There is a former student loudly preaching his religion while standing on top of the concrete benches in Bakersfield College’s Free Speech area.
Nathaniel Runels, who many students have observed on the campus, is doing what he said is being an “obedient Christian” of “biblical Christianity.” Runels, who was once a student, now practices what he preaches by obeying the Holy Scripture of the Holy Bible, the New King James Version. Runels said he has been to Africa, Mexico, and the Philippines on missions to preach his message.
For five years, Runels has devoted his life to living as the scripture instructs him, noting John 3:16-18 numerous times as his guideline.
Runels said he was recently told that he would have to obtain a permit in order to preach on campus.
Runels said, “There are rights that the Supreme Court has ruled that no requirement of permit can prevent free speech.”
When asked how Runels would feel if an atheist also was loudly preaching to the faculty and students, and would he be offended, his reply was no. Runels believes, “Everyone has the right (to preach), even if I disagree,” stating that if he didn’t state his views, those same people could be “led astray.”
According to Runels, his obedience is required to be a faithful follower of Christ through his understanding of the scripture. Runels said he has been called to a system that instructs those to be “obedient to scripture, and to live as Christ had.” Runels notes that there are vast differences in being a Christian and a follower of Christ. In Runels’ exact words, a Christian is “someone who is a great sinner, but has great forgiveness from God.” He believes that we are all sinners, and all fall short the glory of Jesus Christ.
Runels believes that there is definitely a Messiah, Jesus Christ, who has come once, to die for our sins and will return a second time. Runels believes when Jesus returns the second time, for his “second coming,” that Jesus will take Runels and Jesus’ followers to heaven with him.
He believes the final punishment will be to be eternally damned and left here on Earth to suffer the wrath of Satan. Because of the impeding doom that awaits the sinners and those who have not lived their life for Christ, Runels has a sense of urgency to “save the souls” of those on campus.
Runels first became a Christian at a young age, although, not a believer until five years ago. He feels that the Holy Bible has pulled at his heart with its message of discipleship.
He credits the Holy Spirit for guiding him toward his journey of being a disciple for Christ.
Runels eternally stresses the importance of the recognition that we each need a savior. He said any sin that we have done, nothing is too big or too small to forgive. Runels believes Jesus saves people; it’s up to each individual to turn away from sin and trust in Jesus Christ.

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2 Responses to “Former student spreads religious view”

  1. Bryan Lung on February 7th, 2014 9:19 am

    I feel like maybe your story should provide us with more facts than what weve already ascertained by hearing the shouting religious zealot standing on the bench. We kind of already knew he was a christian and liked Jesus.

  2. Nathaniel Runels on February 7th, 2014 5:12 pm

    Article about my preaching at Bakersfield college. Although the 9th line from the bottom that tells of judgment is NOT what I believe. God will judge the world and satan in righteousness. God’s wrath is much more horrific than satan can ever muster up. I love the Gospel presentation at the very bottom to finish it off.

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Former student spreads religious view