Company repurposes military gear

Trina Goree, Reporter

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Female veterans on campus had mixed emotions about Sword and Plough, a company specializing in repurposing and recycling military gear.

Although Bakersfield College veterans have no problem with the mission of Sword and Plough, the veterans are not in support of the idea of military gear being sold for financial gain, even though the material used is a surplus of fabric and material that would otherwise be buried in the ground or incinerated.

Emily and Betsy Nunez are sisters in a military family who have found a purpose in recycling and repurposing military gear into fashionable accessories such as rucksack backpacks, handbags, cufflinks, leather belt, and more, and founded Sword and Plough in 2012.

The sisters work with veterans to create sturdy and appealing products. The sales of these items help with veterans’ issues, such as unemployment. It also reduces waste and assists with military understanding.

This may be so, but BC veterans would like the option of being able to donate material for this as well.

Tina Mendoza, the educational adviser for veterans mentioned that veterans on campus would like to see the company form a fund, in which a portion of the proceeds of the sale of Sword and Plough products would go to benefit veterans.

Miles Post, current BC student and veteran, stated, “I do support this.” Post liked the fact that the material is being recycled. Post went on to mention that the products that were being made were fire resistant. This fact is also mentioned on the Sword and Plough website. The site mentions the bags are made from repurposed military gear, making them not only fire resistant but water and UV resistant as well.

Veterans aren’t the only ones having mixed emotions; BC students feel the same way. Megan Lonsinger, a BC student and a senator of SGA, feels the purpose is admirable but wants to know more about the funds and whether or not sales of the products are all profit or do any proceeds go toward veterans issues, and if so in what way.

Another BC student, Victoria Vargas, 2012 BC homecoming queen, thinks it’s really cool that two women started a company on their own and believes that to be great for women.

Also Vargas wished the prices of the products were less expensive so she could enjoy the repurposed military products. Vargas was not alone in this.

All BC veterans and students that were asked about this and agreed, that the prices should be lower.

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