Students say mid-semester is flying by quick

Trina Goree, Reporter

Mid-semester feelings vary among Bakersfield College students. It has arrived; the halfway mark in the semester that will determine whether the semester has gone in one’s favor, or not.

“It’s crazy that it’s almost over, that it’s coming to an end,” mentioned Clayton Fowler. These feeling are not his alone; in fact, the majority of BC students that were asked about mid-semester had the same response. Many BC students felt this semester, in particular, came and will go much too soon.

“It came so fast,” stated Victoria Vargas. “Feel like I’m doing OK, but could be doing better.” Vargas went on to mention about her feelings regarding the mid-semester point.

Some students feel that the semester is moving at too steady of a pace. “It should be the end of the semester,” Miles Post replied.

Post’s statement was reflective of his feelings of it being the mid-point in the semester. Post, a veteran, is delighted in being an active student on campus. Post frequently volunteers in activities and events with Bakersfield College’s Veterans Club and SGA.

The mid-semester point also usually means midterms for BC students. This time can be stressful to any student, and for the most part is a stressor that BC students face among an array of stressors that seem to be the nature of busy college students.

Gabby Caraballo shared that she was stressed out about midterms, but feels better now that midterms are finally over.

Next on Caraballo’s mind are finals. “I’m now nervous about finals, but also excited about my courses this semester almost being done,” Caraballo said. Lastly, Caraballo proclaimed, “I’m ready to party, too!”

There are those few lucky students who did not have midterms and are happily enjoying the semester.

Although Sahar Forouzanfar did not have midterms, she too, could feel the immensity of students’ stress levels regarding midterms and was not oblivious to other BC students’ issues during midterms.

With the luxury of not having to dedicate time to midterms, Forouzanfar found useful ways to spend her semester, stating, “I’m enjoying the semester, and also enjoy getting involved in activities and events on campus”.

The consensus on campus vary according to which student was asked. A running theme that came across was the semester would go as you deem it should go. Perspective played a crucial role in how the semester was turning out for BC students.