New/old resolutions for students

Marcus Castro, Reporter

Here at Bakersfield College, students have made some normal and extravagant New Year’s resolutions, and others avoid them completely.

School related resolutions are often made at the new near. “My resolution is just getting through the semester,” said Christian Zuniga, 18.

Mom and dad may not approve of some of these resolutions. Maria Barragan, 18, said her resolution was, “To get as many tattoos as I can without my parents knowing.”

Some are more daring than others and make resolutions that others tend to stay away from. Jovan Carrillo, 19, said that his resolution is to go skydiving this year.

Carrillo’s friend Diego Martinez, 20, said, “I want to go scuba diving in the blue hole in Belize.”

Many people make the same or similar resolutions. There are also people that do not make resolutions at all.

23 percent of the people interviewed had a resolution to start working out or to work out more often.

16 percent of the people interviewed had resolutions that involved quitting smoking cigarettes or lessening the amount of cigarettes they smoke.

Kelsie Nelson said, “My resolution was to quit smoking cigarettes but I’ve already broke that resolution.”

32 percent of the people interviewed did not make resolutions at all.

When the people that didn’t have any resolutions were asked why they didn’t make any the answer was either because they couldn’t think of one or they didn’t believe in making them.