BC clubs collect teddy bears for the Condors’ teddy bear toss

Marcus Castro

Clubs at Bakersfield College are participating in the gathering of teddy bears for the Condors’ teddy bear toss game where the bears will be tossed onto the ice rink.

The clubs that are participating in the collecting of teddy bears are the GSA Club, Veterans Club, Agriculture Club, Chemistry Club, Outdoors Club, Tutoring Club, and the Student Nursing Club.

Chad Hildalgo, director of student organizations for the BCSGA, said, “It’s a project that I introduced to the clubs, and whichever clubs showed interest, they came to a meeting and started planning on their own.”

Hidalgo explained that there will be a raffle Nov. 23 for the people who turned in teddy bears. One raffle ticket will be given out for each bear that is turned in. The prize that will be given is a ticket to the Condors’ hockey game where the bears will be tossed.

Hidalgo mentioned that they are accepting donations at a $2 minimum along with the teddy bears to support the United Way charity.

When asked what the overall goal is, Hidalgo said, “I have 3,000 [teddy bears] in my head as just a dream goal.”

The plan, as Hidalgo explained, was originally set as a competition for the clubs, but they started working together instead of competing.

The Condors game where all the bears will be tossed will be on Nov. 28, where the Condors take on the Stockton Heat at Rabobank Arena.