BC app fails to impress some users

Chris Miller, Reporter

Most students at Bakersfield College are either unhappy with or have no plan to ever use the BC app.

The BC app, which launched Feb. 1, was made with convenience for students in mind, so that they would have an easier time finding information about BC without having to navigate through the BC website itself.

Despite the convenience the app was intended to bring, most students don’t care for it. Tony Mireles, 18, feels that “It needs upgrades to the tabs, and there needs to be an explanation for how it works. It’s also slow.”

A student who wished to remain anonymous said, “It can be improved. [They] need to add more tabs.”
Some students would rather use the website instead of the app.

Carlos Horjie, 18, has yet to try the application and has no intention of doing so in the future.
“I’m not interested, and I don’t have room on my phone. I’d rather use the website,” he said.

Sergio Olivarez, 20, also had no plans on ever downloading the app.
“I’m just used to the website and don’t need an app,” he said.

Despite the fact many BC students don’t like the app, not all students are unhappy with it.
Hazel Gomec, 19, said, “I like that everything is in one place and it’s more accessible than the website. I definitely recommend it.”