Play takes students back in time

Misty Severi, Reporter

The year is 1811. Well, at least it is for the cast of Bakersfield College’s Spring play “Sense and Sensibility,” as they prepared themselves for the final week of rehearsal before the play opens on March 9.

The cast will be speaking in British accents, with all the mannerisms of early 19th century English high society.

“Iwanted to give my actors all a great challenge. They had to learn all the mannerisms of the English upper class,” said director Kimberly Chin.

“They had to learn to sit up straight, how to carry themselves in a different way, and how to not use all the modern hand gestures and movements. And Ithink that’s moved over to their real life, I’ll see them walking and carrying themselves more elegantly and gracefully.”

Based on Jane Austen’s first novel, “Sense and Sensibility,” the story revolves around Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, two sisters who manage to find love despite all the emotional turmoil and constantly changing circumstances they are forced to endure due to the death of their father.

“This is a love story, and who doesn’t love a love story?” said Warren Dakota Nash, who plays Edward Ferrars, the awkward, shy love interest of Elinor Dashwood.

“The guys can bring their dates, and the girls can come crying and enjoy the show. It’s a play of heart and mind, and it’s really cool.”

Shelbe McCain, 18, plays Marianne Dashwood, the younger sister of Elinor.

“Marianne is very flirty,” began Shelbe, “and she changes her opinions to impress the boys. She’s very on the side of sense and romance. So not someone that I, Shelbe, would like but she’s fun to play.”

Chris Nisbett plays the role of Thomas the Butler, who he says “has the most stage time, but least amount of lines.”

Some of the other characters include Willoughby, the charismatic man with whom Marianne falls in love, Elinor Dashwood, the witty older sister, Sir John Middleton, the cheerful and kind uncle of Elinor and Marianne, and Colonel Brandon the quiet, but gentlemanly war friend of Sir John Middleton.

The performances will be March 9-12 at 7:30 p.m. (the doors open at 7 p.m.) in the Performing Arts Center, Indoor Theatre.

Tickets are available through Vallitix and cost $10 for general admission, $8 for students, seniors, faculty, staff, and military.