iPhone 7 doesn’t excite as much as past models

Mario Saldana, Reporter

Walking around campus you will find many students at Bakersfield College using an iPhone and it seems that when Apple releases a new product, it immediately becomes an essential for young adults.

Many students at BC are always intrigued and curious about the latest product especially when it involves the new iPhone, and to get a better understanding on the new product, several students were asked about the unveiling of the phone.

Apple has been a successful company mainly for young adults who use technology on the daily with phones, laptops and now including watches as well, and have announced its next generation of smartphone and other Apple products to the public at their annual press event on Sept. 7. Most students believe the phone falls short of the most recent iPhone, stating multiple reasons why they are not too fond of the new product.

The disliked feature that almost every student brought up was the removal of the headphone jack. Many students said that it’s just a way for Apple to make people buy more expensive products like the wireless headphones.

Other reasons why students were unimpressed with the new phone was that they felt it was too big, too expensive or that the Samsung Galaxy already offers many of those features.Relatively few students saw the phone as an improvement. The biggest feature that caught their eye was the dual-lens camera that the iPhone 7 Plus offers and that it’s now waterproof.

BC student Elijah Davis believed that the new product is an improvement from the latest iPhone and gave an interesting point on how Apple will move consumers to a new world of wireless headphones.

“Apple has always been pushing technology forward, like when Macs got rid of the floppy disk everyone freaked out and now we don’t use floppy disks at all,” said Davis.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were available for pre-orders on Sept. 8, but none of the students who were impressed by the phone were going to pre-order the product.