Infamous Black Friday shopping begins

Mario Saldana, Reporter

The holiday season is upon us, and to start off the holidays is the return of the infamous Black Friday, where people will do anything for deals by waiting in line for a long amount of time or missing Thanksgiving with family for sales on huge priced items.

Many stores like Target, Best Buy and Walmart get ready for this day by releasing advertisements on what they will have for sale at least three weeks beforehand.

Though Black Friday is infamously known for bringing out the worst in people, the biggest stores are trying to do their best to keep people under control and make sure they get what they want without causing any problems.

Most stores opened their doors at 5 p.m. Nov. 24, Thanksgiving day, and that runs into another conflict that makes Black Friday get a bad reputation: missing out on Thanksgiving dinner to wait in line for a sale.

Best Buy, which is always a big priority for shoppers during Black Friday because of their sales on electronics, was one of the longest lines outside in Bakersfield on Rosedale Highway. A young couple by the name of Alex and Jessica showed up to the line an hour before the store opened and they had no problem waiting in line and skipping some of their time with family since they are getting their gifts at a great price.

“I think Black Friday is a really good thing because the deals are good, and if you have a bigger family, you can get all their gifts cheaper. I’ve been through Black Friday before, this is my second one so I know how this all works,” Alex said.

The line went all the way to the Foods Co, which is the next store over.

People at the front of the line waited overnight in the cold, either staying in a tent or just with blankets and sleeping on a chair to get their deals.

Amaury Torre, a man from Mexico who only spoke Spanish, stayed in a tent overnight with his family to get the best deals and was ready to get his shopping list over with.

“The reason why I come here to buy my stuff is because I can get a bunch of electronics like TV’s and a computer at a low price that I usually wouldn’t be able to get. Even if it means I have to stay in a tent at night, I don’t really mind it,” said Torre.

Another person waiting in line was a young teenager Mohammad Korin, 17, who stayed outside as well sleeping on a chair with blankets to keep him warm.

His thoughts on Black Friday were that it’s way too crazy for him, but he was prepared for it since he’s been the last couple of years.

Before opening the door for the sales to begin, employees stepped out of the store to inform the line that the store would be opening soon and gave them information on how the line inside will work.

They started handing people in line pieces of paper of the items that they’re waiting for, so they can redeem the item they want without fighting.

Though the process was a little effective, people were still squishing each other on the railings just to get a ticket.

Once the door opened, the store was divided by departments, using large boxes around the aisles to prevent the store from becoming chaos.

Everything went smoothly; no fights broke out. The televisions were the first thing to go, but most of the items on sale were well stocked. The line for the registers grew rapidly, turning the line into a maze that went around the store, making the wait to purchase your items an hour to an hour and a half long. The main reason for that was people complaining about the prices or asking for items that are already sold out.

Because of the aftermath of all the shopping and being open all night, stores were a complete mess, especially Wal-Mart. On the ground, advertisements were scattered all over the place, boxes and items left either on the ground or on random aisles from people who decided on not to get it.

Target and Best Buy were the same, but with a little more maintenance. Customers were still getting their last chance gifts before the sales were over in the morning. Though, during the rush of customers, there were no serious injuries and no fights broke out.

Businesses can say it was a success other than the mess they had left to clean.

Though, a customer named Alex called Black Friday a disgrace, he said it really isn’t worth waiting all this time and dealing with people shoving each other for gifts.