Random Renegade: Pete LeGrant

Every issue, The Rip will be interviewing a random faculty member at Bakersfield College about hopes and goals.

James Macias, Features Editor

Pete LeGrant is an interesting character. He begins each semester by telling his class how much he loves his job. “They don’t know this, but I would stand up here and talk about ethics with you guys all day for free,” he said.

His classes are full of frank philosophical discussions. Most of his approach to teaching has to do with presenting important historical sources and then encouraging the class to debate the finer points he has just taught them.

LeGrant is from the Midwest and has a very hometown-type of attitude. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Iowa in 2009 with a specialization in the history of modern philosophy. He taught previously at Kirkwood Community College, where his ratemyprofessor.com page glows with outstanding comments about his sense of humor and sincerity.

He moved to Bakersfield because the opportunity to become a full-fledged professor here in California was exactly what he was looking for. He likes it here and is looking forward to many years teaching ethics, logic and philosophy to young Bakersfield minds.

LeGrant is known at times to speak in the third-person during lectures which he says is in an effort to maintain a certain degree of detachment amongst his students.

LeGrant has invented a sport called Knee-Ball, which he frequently describes in some detail during his lectures.

Knee-Ball is an impossible sport but an interesting thought experiment. All of his classes fit that description.