‘Pick your own oranges’ helps fund the Ag Dept.

Lizette Chavez, Reporter

Bakersfield College students, teachers and members of the community showed up to buy and pick oranges Feb. 7-8, to help fund the Agricultural Department.

The sale offered a bag of oranges for $5 to those willing to pick their own.

For those not so keen to pick, pre-picked bags were sold for $10.  Most of the first time participators preferred the full experience.

Armando Flores, 20, was not bothered by having to pick oranges and expressed that he actually enjoyed putting in the hard work. Flores said he found it such a good experience that he might possibly change his major to agriculture.

“[It’s} awesome, It’s cool … I like working with my hands,” he said.

Flores ensured that he would be back next year for the event.

Richard Wiley, 29, is one of the people who has been coming back every year for the event.

“I love animals, being able to help and wildlife. I’ve done [this] six, seven times,” he said as a friend handed him oranges.

BC agriculture professor Bill Kelly said he was happy to hear about the student’s enthusiasm and said that it made him feel very good. Kelly shared that he has been helping out at the event

since he first started teaching at BC 35 years ago.

“Sally Stern, the Horticulture technician gets the word out. And [we do this] every spring semester,” Kelly said. “The funds go to help the Agriculture Department, [and] gas for the buses for [our] field trips.”