Country artist Raelynn opens up on her past

Lizette Chavez, Reporter

Country singer Raelynn took time from touring with Blake Shelton to talk about her upcoming album. The “Love Triangle” singer will soon be debuting her album “WildHorse” after having participated in “The Voice”. Raelynn spoke about her experiences on the show and how it eventually led to her album.

Raelynn, who opened for Shelton in Bakersfield on Feb. 16, was coached by Shelton before she was eliminated, a moment that she did not resent the program for because it gave her time to work on her music. The Texan found some success after “The Voice” with her song “God Made Girls”, which was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

“I love [that] in any reality show, you don’t have to win to succeed,” she said.

Raelynn shared that she chose country music as her genre because of her love of storytelling. She said that country was not the only genre of music that she liked and that she enjoyed pop music as well, citing Beyonce as one of her favorite artist growing up in Texas.

“Even though my production and melody are country, they have a bit of a pop sound to them like ‘Love Triangle’,” she said when talking about her “WildHorse” single.

“Love Triangle” was a very personal song for Raelynn, as its content talked about the divorce of her parents and her feelings growing up in that environment. She shared some hardships that she had to deal with as a child, including being diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes.

She said, “You feel like your world is ending, at age 11 or 12, it’s like you’re dying. I’m used to it, it’s second nature. I eat healthy and try to work out, I love talking to others about it.”

A recent struggle that Raelynn spoke about was her announcement that husband Joshua Davis enlisted in the military. She said that it was very bittersweet because she grew up with her brother in the military and she knows that it is hard to expect them to be there for special events. Her brother was unable to attend her wedding, and that was really hard, so to know her husband would not always be there was sad. Her experiences with her brother helped a lot in coming to terms with the decision.

“Life is too short, if that’s somebody’s dream you can’t tell them not to. I’m doing what I love, now he’s doing what he’s passionate about,” Raelynn said.

Passion is something Raelynn said runs in her family. The title from her album was chosen because of a poem her grandmother wrote about her mother.

She decided after reading it her title track had to be “WildHorse”. She said she was excited for fans in Bakersfield to hear it and was comforted in coming back to a city that appreciates country music. Raelynn’s debut album, “WildHorse,” will be released on March 24.