‘Sounds For Our Soul’ features flute troupe

Megan Fenwick, Reporter

The Bakersfield College concert band and orchestra performed “Sounds For Our Soul” at the Indoor Theater on March 18.

They were joined by the flute ensemble known as Pipe Dream Flutes and Friends and flute soloist Sara Andon.

The night opened with Pipe Dream Flutes and Friends, which played 14 pieces of music.

The group has played at various locations around the United States as well as the International Haydn Festival in Vienna, Austria. BC instructor and band director Kathryn Kuby alternated between playing the flute with the ensemble and sharing the conductor’s position with Michael Stanley. A wide range of flutes were played, from the tiny piccolo flute to the towering double contrabass flute.

The BC concert band then filled the stage and performed three musical pieces. The orchestra, consisting of only string instruments, proceeded to play four pieces.

Sara Andon, who has performed in Broadway musical orchestras and recorded with artists like Daft Punk, performed solos with both the concert and the orchestra.

“These students are so talented, I see they’re working really hard and they’re going to keep at it, and they’re passion for music really wonderful to see,” Andon said after her performance.

The concert band joined the orchestra on stage to perform their final song, “Warrior Legacy,” by Soon Hee Newbold